Only 5% of WoW Players level Correctly

So the question is, which group are you in, the 5% who do it right or the 95% spending too much time getting new levels?

More than likely, you're like I was in the 95% group. I was spending WAY too much time getting from one level to the other in World of Warcraft. The first levels weren't too bad, but as I got further along, things really started to grind (pun intended). Making it to 60, then 70, and finally 80 took nearly 20 days of game time to reach.

Needless to say after that character was done, I wanted to start another on it's way. I knew there had to be an easier way than the road I took before to get to 80. I started out researching for tips on faster ways to level. Granted a lot of these were wrong and some were downright risky to my account. I did find some tips that I used with my next character. I found these to be helpful and I'd like to share them with other frustrated WoW gamers out there who are having trouble leveling.

If you'd like to receive these tips, use the boxes on the right for your name and email address. Along with helpful tips I've picked up along the way, I'll also be sending out an alliance leveling guide to help those with alliance toons get moving up in the levels.